Gourmet Pussy Cat Improves Restaurant Lifestyle

Pussy was a gourmet cat
Who’d have a morsel of this
And a tidbit of that.
From ragons of lamb
And chicken every way,
To bacon and ham
And Beef Bordelaise.
With tastes like that
You become a gourmet cat.

During the years that my wife and I toiled at our restaurant, her indoor/outdoor cats fended for themselves from nine in the morning until after midnight. To compensate, she left a smorgasbord of cat food out for all five of the ungrateful little bastards. Our kitchen floor was a minefield of cat food bowls. Read Full Post »

World’s Best Food and Drink Combo

Don’t bother mentally processing the infinite pairings possible with food and wine, in any consideration of the world’s best. I must also leave out my personal childhood favorite of Tom’s Peanut Butter Crackers and Coca Cola (a treat I still indulge on road trips). There is no doubt that a well-made Sazerac Cocktail with freshly opened oysters stands astride the epicurean world like The Colossus of Rhodes as the best possible combination of food and drink. Read Full Post »

An $18.00 Martini? Do I Get to Keep the Barstool?

We’re your customers. That’s right, we pay your bills – so listen up. If we weren’t already dizzy from the, the $18.00 tab you presented for the lone libation certainly set our heads spinning. Let’s see, with a cheapo $2.00 tip – that comes to $20.00 for a drink. We can buy an acceptable bottle of gin for 20 bucks. So what’s up with East Coast big city bars? The dramatic rise in Martini prices in New York, Washington DC, and Miami makes us want to invest in Martini futures – forget about pork bellies. Read Full Post »

It’s All in the Attitude

We’re your customers. That’s right, we pay your bills – so listen up. We might forgive you for leaving the salt out of the beans; for too-thick vegetables julienne; for a tasteless soup; for an occasional tough chicken fried steak. Maybe even for making us wait a bit too long to be seated or for well-intentioned but under trained waiters and waitresses who provide inadequate table service. But we will never forgive a bad attitude – yours or your staff’s. Read Full Post »

What Did You Order?

We’re your customers. That’s right, we pay your bills – so listen up. Why can’t you remember what we ordered? It’s not like you’ve been on a sabbatical. Consider the difference. One competent, professional delivers hot food from the kitchen and carefully places the correct plate in front of each of us at the table – without saying a word. A second waitperson arrives at the table braying out a litany of, “Who ordered the chicken fried?” “The bar-b-que ribs? Where do they go?” “Ok, I’ve got a side of mash, a pinto and two orders of fries. Anybody got a clue?” Read Full Post »